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Commodities and energy markets

The methodology Scientific Computing is widely regarded as the third pillar of science, complementary to experiment and theory. While it triggered countless breakthroughs and innovations in technology, engineering, and the natural sciences, a combination with the understanding of commodity and energy markets is yet a rather young field full of opportunities with enormous economical impact, e.g., in the petrochemical or airline sector.

Main aims

  • To connect academia and commodity industries,
  • to foster the exchange of successful solution strategies,
  • to survey the state-of-the-art in quantitative methods for commodity and energy markets,
  • to identify important open problems,
  • to present recent progress in relevant mathematical and computational methods,
  • to initiate cooperation in future research and development of tools for trading, pricing, and risk-managing commodities.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to
  • Commodity and Energy Markets
  • Price Dynamics
  • Revenue Management
  • Commodity Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Mathematical and Computational Methods
  • Case Studies from Industrial Practice

The Symposium is meant to bring researchers together and to stimulate interdisciplinary research. Hence, also reports on work in progress and presentation of challenges and obstacles are explicitely encouraged.

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