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[Implementation of numerical methods for partial differential equations] - [2015 Sommer]

Module Code
Implementation of numerical methods for partial differential equations
Credit Points
6 CP
1 semester
Methods 2 SWS lecture + 2 SWS exercise session
Objectives Learn to use the software deal.II to numerically solve a wide range of partial differential equations.
Content This course serves as an introduction to the use of deal.II with an emphasis on the practical implementation of the finite element methods.
Learning outcomes Ability to modify existing deal.II codes to solve the partial differential equations and to write new deal.II based programs.
Suggested previous knowledge Knowledge in C/C++ particularly in classes, pointers, references, templates.
Basic knowledge of numerical analysis.
Prior knowledge of implementating finite element methods to solve differential equations is helpful.
It would be beneficial to simultaneously attend the course “Numerical methods for partial differential equations” although not a mandatory prerequiste.
Assessments Grade based on assigned tasks including a final project with an oral presentation.
Literature The lectures will be based on the available online documentation provided on the webpage
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