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[Differential Geometry II] - [2015 Sommer]

Module Code
Differential Geometry II
Credit Points
8 CP
240 h
1 semester
Methods Methods 4 h + Exercise course 2 h
Objectives Command of certain advanced topics in differential geometry. Connection of geometric problems with wider mathematical context.
Content Relations between geometry and topology, symmetries Potential topics include: • geometry of spaces with upper or lower curvature bounds • symmetric spaces and homogeneous spaces • hyperbolic geometry • other topics in geometry
Learning outcomes Ability to solve problems in differential geometry and to present these solutions in problem sessions
Suggested previous knowledge Differential Geometry I (MG15)
Assessments Homework assignments, written or oral exam. Modalities for make-up exams are to be determined by the lecturer and will be announced at the beginning of the course.
Literature Literature will be announced in the course.
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