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[Efficient Algorithms 1] - [2014/15 Winter]

Module Code
Efficient Algorithms 1
Credit Points
8 CP
240 h
1 semester
Methods Lecture 4 h + Exercise course 2 h
Objectives To acquire the knowledge for designing and implementing algorithms for polynomially solvable combinatorial optimization problems and to gain experience for applying optimization models.
Content Basic graph theory and algorithms Optimal trees and branchings Shortest paths Assignment problem Maximum flows and minimum cuts Network flows Matching problems
Learning outcomes The participants understand basic graph-theoretical concepts, can analyze the complexity of problems and algorithms, have knowledge in modelling optimization problems, know essential algorithms for polynomial problems, are familiar with application areas.
Suggested previous knowledge IPI, IPK, IAD
Assessments Solution of 50% of the assignments and written exam
Literature Korte, Vygen: Combinatorial Optimization, Springer, 2007
Cook, Cunningham, Pulleyblank, Schrijver: Combinatorial Optimization, Wiley, 1997
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