Dragon Boat Racing

10th Heidelberg Dragon Boat Cup (July 25, 2015)


Everybody is invited to join the race!


Andreas Beyer

Doctoral Fellow HGS MathComp
IWR, INF 368, Room 531, 69120 Heidelberg
Email:  andreas.beyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de


== Date & Location ==
 * the event takes place on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke in Heidelberg
 * runs are scheduled between 09:30h and 19:00h

== The Basics ==
 * we need 18 boat(wo)men and a drummer
 * we should have two or three substitutes
 * there will be one practice session which is mandatory
 * the race distance is between 250m and 300m per run (upstream)
 * you will get wet (and just in case you should be able to swim...)

== The Classes ==

 * there are ''Fun Teams'' and ''Professional Teams'', we are going for FUN
 * Fun Teams are divided in ''Fun Open'' (18 crew members, any combination of male and female paddlers) and ''Fun Mix'' (18 crew members, including at least 6 female paddlers)

-> the person operating the drum can be of any gender and does not count towards the "Fun Open/Mixed" team limit!

== The Audience ==
A good race comes with BBQ & Trophies, and it needs cheer, support, encouragement & applause. For all this holds: the more the merrier. Anyone who decides not to join the crew, might still want to join the club ;-)

  Pictures from 2014

  Pictures from 2012

  Go Pro Recording of a race run from 2012 (the boat next to HGS is KIP)

(18 paddlers / 1 drummer / x substitutes in case someone is sick or traveling or on vacation)

Current team members:

- Andreas Beyer
- Andreea Denitiu
- Aurélie Sertillange (possible drummer)
- Bastian Rieck
- Bartosz Bogacz
- Bilawal Alavi
- Christina Pietsch
- Christopher Kappe (possible drummer)
- Dietlind v. d. Trenck
- Enrique Guerrero
- Fabian Rathke
- Florian Becker
- Julia Portl
- Lutz Büch
- Mahmud Hasan Milan
- Malin Schemschat
- Manuel Kudruss
- Maria Rupprecht
- Mohammad Ghanavati
- Ole Klein
- Oscar Norena
- Sebastian Walter

Misc Info

  • four boats start in every race run
  • three or four runs per boat in total
  • last year 40+ teams signed up
  • we should sign up rather sooner than later before the best dates for parctice sessions are taken
  • there is an official "After Race Party" at 20:00
  • we need a tent or pavilion to change clothes and store beverages
  • every team gets a trophy
  • the mandatory practice session is included in the starting fee
  • boat and navigator are provided by the organizer
  • life jackets are also available but not mandatory

Link Website:

  Heidelberg Dragon Boat Cup