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International Master Program "Scientific Computing"

The   Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science at Heidelberg University is offering an international master course "Scientific Computing" starting in the winter Term (October) and summer term (April). The program combines the development of methods and algorithms in Applied Mathematics, the implementation of these methods using modern Computer Science technology and the application to real-world problems. 

The program is designed in cooperation with   HGS MathComp, the graduate school for mathematical and computational modeling at the   Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) at Heidelberg University. Top students in the first year course will get an invitation to join the graduate school for the second master year, opening the possibility to a direct integration into the HGS MathComp PhD program, a master course directly leading to a PhD project (research oriented master track).   Read more

Upcoming Compact Course
Computational Methods in Uncertainty Quantification
time: 9:00
location: IWR, Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, 69120 Heidelberg, Room 520
Prof. Robert Scheichl
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath

Upcoming Workshop
time: 18:30
location: Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, Raum 432
NoName e.V.

Upcoming Talk
Thermische Energiesysteme in der Industrie - Technologieentwicklung, Aspekte der Integration und Betriebsführung
time: 17:15
location: IWR, Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, 69120 Heidelberg, Room 432
Dr. Tilman Barz
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


Pioneering Projects at IWR

With core components such as mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization, scientific computing has developed into a key technology for understanding and mastering the challenges that arise in complex processes in science and engineering. Its methods have already become indispensable in physics, chemistry, and engineering disciplines, and they are currently entering research in the life sciences .

To promote scientific computing in new application areas such as economics, finance and the social sciences, the humanities and cultural sciences, but also medicine and public health, the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) has identified twelve so called   Pioneering Projects. These projects cover important scientific areas in which the potential of modeling and simulation has yet to be fully exploited.   Read more...


Part of the
Interdisciplinary Center for
Scientific Computing (IWR)

Upstream-Programm 2015
Das Netzwerk für junge Mathematikerinnen

9. Modellierungstag

"Raum & Zeit" - June 11, 2015

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