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Junior Research Group Optimum Experimental Design

Research Projects

  • JRG BASF Projects: Parameter Estimation and Optimum Experimental Design for PDE
  • Mathematics for Sports Sciences
  • BMBF-Projekt Novoexp: Efficient Derivative Evaluation for Optimum Experimental Design (together with A. Griewank, HU Berlin)
  • BMBF-Projekt Paraplue: Optimum Experimental Design for Parabolic PDE in Organic Electronics
  • IWR Pioneering Projects: Parameter Estimation of Stellar Parameters via Solution of Inverse Problems for the Radiative Transfer Equation (together with P. Hauschildt, Sternwarte Hamburg, and R. Wehrse†)
  • Online Experimental Design (together with H. Arellano-Garcia, TU Berlin)
  • Control of Industrial Robots (together with an industrial consortium)
  • Parameter Estimation and Experimental Design in Systems Biology (together with S. Bandara, Stanford University)
  • Viroquant: Parameter Estimation and Optimum Experimental Design for the Impact of HCV on the JAK/STAT Pathway
  • Diploma Thesis: Experimental Design with an Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Diploma Thesis: Multiple Shooting for Experimental Design (together with S. Sager)
  • Diploma Thesis: Parameter Estimation for a Currency Exchange Rate Model (together with W. Jäger)
  • Software Development: VPLAN


Pioneering Projects in Scientific Computing

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Cooperation Partners

JRG Expdesign cooperation partners
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