Summer School 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

The summer school "Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing" is jointly organized by the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg University, Germany and the Department for Applied Mathematics, Walailak University, Thailand. The school brings together experts from Germany and Thailand to lecture on various topics of Scientific Computing.

Tentative list of speakers:
Prof. Hans Georg Bock Numerical SImulation and Optimization
Prof. Chidchanok Lursinsap Big Data Analysis in terms of Time and Space Complexities
Prof. Ekaterina Kostina
Dr. Johannes Schlöder Parameter Estimation and Optimum Experimental Design
Dr. Sirod Sirisup Derivative-based PDE-constrained Optimization
Prof. Willi Jäger Darcy Flow, Homogenization & Applications
Prof. Mudtorlep Nisoa Modeling of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation fro Microwave Heating Applications
Prof. Katja Mombaur

Part 1: Dynamic Process Modeling
Part 2: Mechanical Models in Robotics and Biomechanics
Prof. Peter Bastian Finite Element Methods with Applications to Porous Media Flow
Prof. Somporn Chua-Aree Modeling, Simulation and Visualization of Plant Growth and Applications in Agriculture
Prof. Sanae Rujivan

Simulations in Future Markets
Prof. Krung Sinapiromsaran Reviving the Simplex Algorithm

The summer school will take place on April 4th - 8th, at NECTEC, Bangkok, Thailand.

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