EWM German Chapter Conference 2018 Programme


The scientific programme will consist of one-hour talks by four keynote speakers, shorter contributed talks to be presented in parallel thematic sessions, and a poster session with one-minute presentations for each poster beforehand. The programme will include an invited talk on gender balance in academia followed by an active discussion among the participants about this issue for mathematicians in Germany.

Invited Speakers

We are very honoured to announce the following speakers

Andrea Barth Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Stuttgart
Carla Cederbaum Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Tübingen
Alice Niemeyer Lehrstuhl B für Mathematik, RTWH Aachen
Barbara Niethammer Institute of Applied Mathematics, Universität Bonn
Natalie Struve Wissenschaftliches Schreiben - Think Writing Academy, Murnau

Thursday - May 3rd Friday - May 4th
9:00 Registration and coffee 9:00 Coffee
9:30 Welcome 9:15 Carla Cederbaum - Where is the center of mass of a star - and what does this have to do with Mathematics?
9:40 Barbara Niethammer - Smoluchowski's classical coagulation model 10:15 Parallel Sessions
10:40 Coffee 11:15 Coffee
11:15 Natalie Struve - How to solve it? Talking gender (gaps) in mathematics 11:30 Alice Niemeyer - Randomised Algorithms in Group Theory
12:30 Lunch 12:30 Closing and Lunch
14:00 Parallel Sessions  
15:30 Poster Presentation  
16:00 Posters and Coffee  
16:45 Andrea Barth - Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification  
18:00 HGS MathComp Public Lecture - Christian Hesse - Warum Mathematik glücklich macht  
20:00 Conference Dinner  
Contributed talks and posters

We invite submissions of proposals for contributions on any aspect of pure or applied mathematics. The conference will be officially bilingual in English and German, so we invite proposals for presentations particularly in these languages. Please consider our registration forms on the next page.

Thursday, May 3rd Session A1 - Seminarraum 10 Session B1 - Seminarraum 11
2:00 pm Ana Cristina Casimiro
Principal Schottky Bundles over Riemann Surfaces
Sophia Jahns
Trapped light in stationary spacetimes
2:30 pm

Jacinta Torres
Karlsruhe - KIT
Branching rules in Representation Theory

Diana Danciu
Defining stem cells numbers and heterogeneities during post-embryonic organ growth through mathematical modelling
3:00 pm Nelia Charalambous
The spectrum of the Laplacian on forms
Alessia Nota
On the growth of a particle coalescing in a Poisson distribution of obstacles
Friday, May 4th Session A2 - Seminarraum 10 Session B2 - Seminarraum 11
10:15 am

Petra Schwer
Karlsruhe – KIT
Reflection length in Coxeter groups

Katrin Welker  
Optimization in Shape Spaces

10:45 am Polyxeni Spilioti
Dynamical zeta functions, Lefschetz formulae and applications

Maria Vittoria Barbarossa
Mathematics inspired by